Nigel Ullstate *Deceased*

You're in good hands.


“When you’re in Ullstate’s hands, you’re in good hands.”

Abandoned at birth at a small temple to Abadar in Magnimar, Nigel Ullstate was raised to be a man of duty and courage. During his youth, he would work in greeting the travelers and providing meals for them. He would often enjoy hearing of their tales of the land, the dangers of the roads and the exploits of merchants of a variety of trades.

When Nigel reached the age of 15 and obtained the right to call himself a cleric of Abadar, he ventured forth to the many roads of Golarion to protect travelers and caravans from the many threats of the world.

During an encounter with a group of Shadows in the Thistletop Goblin lair, Nigel was slain and bought by as a Shadow. His, now former, comrades laid him to rest.

Nigel Ullstate *Deceased*

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